Music-making as a middle aged amateur

I recently turned 57 years old. In some things, I feel the wisdom of age–in my work life, for instance. But in others, I feel like a perpetual beginner. Nowhere is this clearer than in my musical endeavors.

I’m lucky to have three groups of friends with whom I can regularly make music. My church choir, my church folk band, and the band I play in, Commonhouse.

None of us in Commonhouse has any illusions that we will make the big time. We are free of that kind of ambition. But we have strong ambition in other ways. We want to write and arrange strong pieces of music–songs that are compelling for their own sake. Little works of art.

And to that end, we keep meeting each Monday night to play for a couple of hours. We bring the songs we’ve written and work with the group to turn them into something of worth. We play in front of other people occasionally, nerve-wracking though that it.

And now, we’ve recorded some of those songs, and we’ve turned them into an extended-play CD of five original songs. If you’re interested, you can listen to them and possibly buy them online at

If you’re inclined, please have a listen!epcover

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